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Do you like Hardcore games? Do you want to play a games with just you mouse? So this game is for you! In Rush you have to go to the Green Line at the end of the maze. It's easy? You have to defeat 40 levels with the better time! Good luck!

Include :

If you want to play the game online, you can go to Newgrounds!

In the Itch page, you can download the game.

You can find the protoype of the game here.

About the creator

Hello! I'm Bigaston, the creator of Rush. I'm very happy of this game, Rush! When I start it, is it for a One Hour Game Jam, and I have create a little prototype for this game in one hour. After that, I think this is a nice gameplay and it's a good idea to work to a better version of this game. And that why I have create Rush. Now, you have 40 levels, a level editor and better graphics!

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